About Us

We accelerate time-to-market for new products

Infinx is committed to offering value added IT+BPO solutions to our clients for performance optimization and profitability. We have always aimed to be value partners to our clients, taking pride in their business growth.

We believe true value is best created when our solutions focus on specific client issues and are developed with intensive analysis and expertise. Our diverse bouquet of offerings not only deeply resonates with customer pain points but also provides comprehensive, sustainable, scalable solutions.

Based out of California and founded by the visionary Tandon Group, we have successfully served clients across North America, Europe and Asia in various industries for over a decade.

Healthcare Competencies

Healthcare is a complex environment with an intricate ecosystem of providers, vendors, payers and technologies. Leveraging our deep domain knowledge we have worked hard to create solutions that specialize in specific areas and verticals.

Our solutions provide mission critical, 24X7X365 operational reliability services catering to over 100,000 beds. We also deliver dedicated real time operational services to established pharmacies with a special focus on extended and continuous care. We also provide IT-enabled business process solutions across the spectrum of Revenue Cycle Management.

Utilizing our IT competencies we have created intelligent operational, revenue performance management, automation, analytics and compliance solutions for large healthcare organizations.

Today, we confidently deliver to a large client base, always delivering tangible, specialized solutions.

Leveraging IT

Our array of IT solutions have evolved with a combination of a deep understanding of client requirements and in-depth knowledge of the workflow and process in the segments we deliver – IT enabled workflows for seamless processing, IT tools for transitions, IT products for performance.

Enterprise Excellence

Infinx is committed to its evolution as a specialized, high impact solution partner to healthcare providers. To this goal, we have and will continue to invest in exceptionally talented and experienced people, progressive infrastructure, technology and above all domain proficiency.


To be a positive change partner to our customer by providing innovative solutions in our chosen domains